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Role: Branding + Creative Direction 



Create a positive state of mind at every state of undress.

Beloved is for the strong of heart, for those of us who reject the idea that self acceptance is enough. Acceptance is easy. But truly celebrating ourselves every day, at every stage of life—that’s a challenge. It takes ferocity and spirit. For us, lingerie is a gift of self love—an open invitation to exalt in being you. 


A minimalist take on the iconic sacred heart, it anchors the Beloved brand to the theme of love. Whether it’s love of self or love of another—it’s fierce and burning.


Beloved, a word rarely used in the modern English language, is both literary and historical. It gives us an unexpected identity—one that’s rooted in something deeper than surface-level beauty.


As an adjective, Beloved describes someone or something that’s dear to one's heart. Broken down into Be + loved, it becomes much more active—a rallying cry to cherish oneself.

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Beloved is a cozy, intimate space where everyone is safe to shop and explore. From everyday bras and underwear to one-of-a-kind underpinnings and loungewear, we carry over 40 designer brands that you won’t find anywhere else in the region.


We’ve thoughtfully curated each piece to reflect our passion for intimate apparel that modern women will appreciate — not only because it looks and feels beautiful, but because of the exceptional construction, comfort, and longevity of each product.

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